Hey there folks! My name is Chris Torrey. I’m a veteran radio DJ, video game aficionado, and lover of all things nerdy.

Since 2012, I’ve been interviewing artists, musicians, composers, and creatives from around the world. Previously via my award-winning radio show “World Without Words” and presently through my current show on KUCI 88.9FM, “LAG Radio“.

Every week on LAG, I showcase some of the finest video game soundtracks and covers, chiptune bangers, anime theme songs, synthwave retro throwbacks, cutting-edge experimental EDM, and so much more.

Here on the site, you will find not just the weekly playlist covered on the show, but also opinion pieces on topics I feel passionate about. Sometimes it could be related to working through your video game backlog. Other times it might be more laser-focused, like a deep dive on Pokemon’s alienation of older fans or Silent Hill’s clever use of disempowerment.

From time to time you’ll also see interview transcripts from the incredibly talented people I’ve been lucky enough to chat with. The full list and links are coming soon, so keep an eye on the main page!

And in time you’ll be able to catch me streaming regularly over on my Twitch page, where I may be playing a game featured on the show, an obscure indie gem, speedrunning my favorite platformer, Cuphead, or taking down tournaments in Magic the Gathering online.

If you have any comments, criticisms, questions, or feedback, you can contact me anytime at ctorrey@kuci.org. Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!